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“It's a fabric for the Internet age.”

San Francisco Chronicle

“It’s enough to make you happy that it’s raining (almost).”

Digital Style Digest

To ensure your raincoat is truly waterproof, Hillary Day raincoats are made from c_change™ by Schoeller. Switzerland-based Schoeller is over 140 years old and is known for innovation and technology, but only recently has been noted for its great blend of fashion and function. It’s this quality that makes for pretty raincoats that also provide comfort.

c_change™ has a two-layer construction—a fabric on the outside, attached to an air and moisture permeable laminate that is wind and waterproof on the inside. This breathable, stretchy, stain resistant fabric is also highly adaptable to temperature. c_change™ has the ability to “open” and breathe as the outside temperature heats up or if you heat up, meaning you stay comfortable. Similarly, as the temperature drops, the membrane “closes,” trapping in body heat but not moisture, to keep you dry and warm. Amazingly, at 68 degrees the fabric is twice as breathable than it is at 50 degrees.

“Looking at a pine cone, when a fire rips through the Sequoia [forest], the pine cones actually open up to let their seeds out. c_change works in a similar manner.”

- Digital Style Digest

Schoeller is the very first company to receive the bluesign® award. This means that Schoeller fabrics are manufactured without harming the planet or people. That’s an inspiring business model and one that we all can feel pretty good about.