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“The Best-Looking Technical Rain Jackets We've Tested”

“The Fashionable, High-Tech Way To Stay Dry This Spring”

“These coats use smart fabrics to be stylish and practical: Completely waterproof and completely timeless”

“Winning Finds: Trophy Case: January’s Best Local Stuff — Hillary Day’s Origami Coat”

“Piqued: Some Of Our Favorite Winter Stuff — Hillary Day’s Origami Coat”

“Holiday Gift Guide: For Her — Hillary Day Origami Coat”

“I call pieces that you'll own for a lifetime "lifers," and Hillary Day's jackets will be lifers in your wardrobe.”

“Portland's Hillary Day [Origami Coat] ward off the dampness while keeping urban and rural denizens alike fashionably au courant.”

Oregon Business Magazine

“The Hillary Day Party Wrap is...a perfect balance”

“On par with Burberry and Nanette Lapore. Gorgeous designs, technical fabric and amazing craftsmanship. A Hillary Day raincoat may be the first thing I’ll buy when I’m off the (Great American Apparel) Diet.”

“For the stylish wet climate dweller.... [An] exquisite, durable piece for your wet-weather wardrobe.”

1859 Oregon's Magazine

“Tailored, fashionable, simple...and bone-dry in a torrential downpour. Turns out the perfect coat makes a perfect outfit totally optional.”


“Sleek, durable, fashionably timeless, without season and, most importantly, truly waterproof.”

“Unexpected performance in a lady-like silhouette. And there’s no Velcro. Classic. Sophisticated. City appropriate without a hint of back country.”

Portland Monthly

“The most flattering and utilitarian trench I’ve ever tried.”